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RVing for Dummies – The Ultimate RV Rental 101 Guide


The RV rental world is a vast and confusing place. This can leave many new RVers feeling completely lost and overwhelmed as they attempt to plan their first RV adventure. Obviously, this isn’t how anyone wants to feel when planning a fun getaway, and we don’t want you to feel that way either...


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How to Pick the Best RV Park to Stay at During Your Trip


So, you’re planning a trip with your newly purchased or rented RV. How exciting! It’s likely you already know where you want to go and what you want to be doing there. After all, those tend to be the first decisions made when planning a getaway. But you may not be as sure about where you want to park your vehicle at the end of a long day.


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3 Critical Tips for Backing Up a Trailer


Travel trailers offer a level of flexibility and affordability that motorhomes simply can’t match. When you’re driving a trailer, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll have auxiliary transportation, as you’ll always have the vehicle you’re using to tow the trailer in the first place.


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How to Find an RV Camping Spot Near National and State Parks During Peak Season


Lately, the weather has been warming up all across the United States. Odds are good you’re starting to dream about getting away from the hustle and bustle and pondering a trip out to one of our beautiful national or state parks. You’re not the only one. Summer is the most popular time for Americans to be hitting the road in their recreational vehicles.


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RV Backup Camera – Read This Before Buying One


Backing up in a regular old car is hard enough. When you’re driving a motorhome or travel trailer, the situation is significantly compounded. But with the multiplicity of RV backup camera options on the market, it can be difficult to figure out where to start — and whether or not you even need one, really, in the first place.


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2022 Canadian RV Travel Trends


1. Trailers & Class C RVs were the most popular rentals, respectively for 2020, 2021, and going into 2022...

% Canadians renting a Class C RV:

  • 13% of Zoomers


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RVs 10 years or older are being turned away from campgrounds?


As a massive number of RVers scour the country for a place to camp, more and more RV parks are turning away folks with RVs 10 years old or older. Several years ago we had to send photos of our newly custom-painted Coachmen motorhome to an RV park in Florida before they would let us book.


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Winnebago Presents eRV Concept at Florida SuperShow


Winnebago Industries’ Advanced Technology Group has completed its first public-facing project: an all-electric, Type B concept motorhome with a net-zero or even negative carbon footprint, built with a focus on sustainability and forward-facing technology. The all-electric vehicle has no propane, generator or other fuel included, and Winnebago executives said...


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Kibbo wants to remake RV parks so #vanlife can be a life... not a lifestyle


Colin O’Donnell was already rethinking the notion of what makes cities and communities function even before the COVID-19 epidemic swept through the U.S. and revealed some of the cracks in centuries-old structures of urban life. O’Donnell was part of the early wave of urban tech innovation, which began to rise about six years ago.


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Life Should Be So Shasta


In their time, the now-iconic Corona Extra commercials featuring a deserted beach, the hush of breaking waves, shady palms — and the obligatory beer bottle — were both beautiful and compelling.


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RV Camping Holds Its Own As Other Travel Roars Back


Travelers are still faithfully flocking to campgrounds, despite other forms of travel opening up. Now, variations of camping, like glamping and RVing, are replacing higher-maintenance leisure travel.


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RV rental numbers still up despite fuel prices, thanks to “nearcations”


Potential RV renters are understandably concerned about rapidly rising fuel costs as they consider a recreational vehicle for their summer vacations. Parking their Prius in exchange for an eight-mile-per-gallon Class C could...


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