2022 Canadian RV Travel Trends

By Norm Rosen | Lizzie Dragon | gls55 holdings ltd


1. Trailers & Class C RVs were the most popular rentals, respectively for 2020, 2021, and going into 2022.
% Of Canadians renting an RV Class C:

  • 13% of Zoomers
  • 16% of Millenials
  • 20% of Gen X
  • 20% of Baby Boomers
  • 15% of Traditionalists

2022 Canadian RV Travel Trends

Family RV Rentals

2. First-time campers remain the rule, not the exception:


In 2021, 66% of Canadian bookings were being completed by first-time renters.


3. Summer Is THE Season. 


Bookings in Canada jump by 650% in May; 110% in June; 100% in July.


4. Family get-togethers are IRL again. 


No need to coach Uncle Larry on how to find the unmute button on Zoom. 70% of survey respondents said their travel plans for the holidays would be back to normal this year.


5. Self-contained travel is here to stay.


91 percent of survey respondents say they are planning to take a road trip in 2022, with 83 percent of travelers adding they would be either somewhat likely or very likely to vacation via RV or campervan if there were COVID surges in 2022.


6. Cleanliness is key.


When asked what features matter most when renting an RV, 80% of survey respondents cited Cleanliness as the deciding factor, with amenities like a full kitchen (57%), full bathroom (57%), and an indoor shower (43%) also ranking high.


7. Cancellations are, well, cancelled.


Only 43% of respondents said they chose to delay or suspend summer vacation plans they had this year. We presume the other 57% are still flipping through photo memories on their phones.


8. Let the good times roll!


An overwhelming 68% of respondents feel that their families will be more in need of a road trip vacation in 2022 than in previous years. Approximately 63% of respondents said they had decided to drive instead of fly to their final destinations since the start of the pandemic, with 52% of respondents who took to the road adding they drove more than 500 miles to reach their destination.


9. Keep your loved ones close and your work … closer?


Time off work (40%) was one of the top reasons travellers reported why they don’t take more road trips, but 62% of respondents say they stay either partially connected or fully connected to their jobs while on a trip. When not checking their inboxes, travellers said they are most likely to hit the road with their significant other (82%), kids (49%), and pets (39%), with only 7% of travellers reporting a desire to travel solo.


10. Most likely to deliver.


Approximately 53% of Canadian renters want delivery and are searching for RVs that can be delivered. Fortunately for them, 60% of Outdoorsy owners offer delivery. So those first-time RVers who aren’t ready to get behind the wheel can show up to their campsite without lifting a finger.


11. RV owners listing an RV for rental can potentially earn more than most major league baseball players.


Grand Rapids-based RV owner Garr Russell is living proof. Russell started his rental business on Outdoorsy with seven trailers and has since expanded his fleet to over 125 RVs, resulting in over $6M in rental income. That’s more than the $4.17M annual salary for
the average Major League Baseball player.


12. “Try before you buy” is more than just a catch phrase.


44% of respondents said their road trip experience inspired them to buy an RV or campervan of their own.




Why not get your family RV adventure started right away by renting an RV for your vacation today?




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